Terra del Tuono

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Since 1892, a family tradition.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia – Gold Label

This vinegar represents an extraordinarily complex and entirely natural product. It is considered the result of a dedicated craftsmanship, respecting rigorous traditions. In order to obtain such a prestigious balsamic vinegar, we need to wait over 25 years of slow aging within barrels of aromatic woods.
This harmonious perfection of tart aromas and noble structures provides a pleasant, long lasting taste sensation. We recommend to taste Terra del Tuono’s Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Gold Label exclusively in its virgin form, uncooked. Its velvety, soft taste makes it the perfect companion to mature cheeses, grilled meats, and other tasty meats like game. Superb with fresh fruit salads, custards and ice cream. In particular, it is considered as an elixir for meditation, to taste in drops as a digestive or for the sheer pleasure of it at the end of your meal.

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